About Us



Few of us ever imagined we’d be living through a pandemic, or how these new circumstances would affect our lives.  Wearing masks or face coverings prevent the spread of viruses, such as Covid-19, limiting droplets from coughs or sneezes; but masks don’t have to be uncomfortable to wear.

We designed the One World Mask because we care, and we know our customers care about the materials that touch their skin.  We want comfortable masks!  As designers with more than twenty years of experience making sustainable apparel and accessories, we know that hemp is an ideal fabric for masks because hemp lets your skin breathe.  At the same time, hemp is anti-microbial, meaning it inhibits the growth of fungus and bacteria that love warm, wet environments.  Hemp stays dry, wicking moisture away from the skin.  Our hemp/organic cotton knit is both soft and durable, machine washable and dryable, and stable in terms of size and color.

We created our masks with the intention of responding to the current need for safe face coverings.  Our double-layer mask includes a sleeve, into which one can insert a filter, in case the wearer wants extra protection for him or herself. 

The health of people around the world depends upon the health of ecosystems that support all life.  In choosing hemp, we are supporting the cultivation of a crop that cools the globe by sequestering atmospheric carbon, thereby contributing to the solution of the very real problem of global warming, that contributes to many other very real problems—including pandemics. 

We call our mask the One World Mask, because we believe, as Sting sings, “One world is enough for all of us.”  In caring for each other, we sow the seeds of caring for the mother of us all, our Mother Earth. 

These masks are made in the USA, in Los Angeles, California by family-owned businesses that survived the garment industry’s move overseas. They are pre-shrunk, and made to last.  We hope they will remind you that, through every challenge, we are all connected. 


With love,


Ellie Cotlar and Ron Alcalay